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THE DIGGER - The True Story Of Our Greatest Legend - Austrailan War Documentary

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The Digger DVD War Documentary

‘The Digger’ is a documentary that takes the viewer on a journey around the World to Wars and Battlefields that Australians were involved in.It looks at the history and the meaning of the word ‘The Digger’.

The first War discussed in this documentary is The Anglo Boer War. Specifically the Battle Of Elands River. The Anglo Boer War was in South Africa from 1899-1902 and the Battle Of Elands River in Transvaal lasted from the 4th – 16th of August in 1900. This battle included several hundred Australian Soldiers from Citizen Bushman Contingents who went up against several thousand Boers (Boer is a Dutch word for farmer).

One such story concerns Private John Frank Byrd (who was in the Battle of Elands River); who had his leg blown off by an artillery shell. After the leg had been cleaned and patched as best as it could; John asked for his leg to be dug up again (it was buried), as it still had his money (a few quid) in the sock!

After the Boer War the First World War (1914-1918) is discussed. Around 60000 Australians died in the Great War; which is more than those in World War 2. One of the Second World War battles discussed is the battle of Flanders (in Belgium on the Western Front). The battle of Flanders has one of the highest numbers of Australian Casualties of all WW1 (more than 5000 Soldiers lost in 24 hours).

Many stories and history of the First World War Soldiers are presented and this provides an excellent story of the World War 1 Digger with War Cemeteries and Gravestones visited.

The Second World War (1939-1945) and the Diggers of the 2nd AIF is next presented. The battle of El Alamein (Egypt) is discussed with the famous Rats Of Tobruk of the 9th Australian Division alongside Montgomery up against Rommel’s Africa Corps included.

The Battle of Milne Bay is next. The battle of Milne Bay (Papua New Guinea) took place from the 25th August to the 7th September 1942 and is considered the first land battle (in the pacific theatre) were the Japanese Army was completely pushed back and forced to retreat at the hands of the Allied forces.

Korean War (1951-1953) and Vietnam (1965-1975) are the last two Wars of this documentary.Battles of Kapyong (South Korea 1951) and an interview with Peter Gosgrove and many other stories and histories contained within this DVD complete the film ‘The Digger’.

This documentary looks at not only the Australian Soldiers at War and the battles they fought from the Boer War to the Vietnam War; but also at the Soldier (The Digger) himself (their mannerisms, manners, fighting spirit, personality and the sacrifices they made). This is the story of the Soldiers from Australia who were sent far from their homes when called to unknown lands to fight beside our Allies and in so many cases without returning.

As well as Battle locations visited; original B&W photos and footage of the battles and Australian Soldiers themselves shown throughout the film; the narration by Neil Pigot throughout the documentary is extremely easily follow.

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