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WW1 BOOK: Sydney's 4th Battalion AIF - World War 1

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The Fighting Fourth

4th Battalion aif ww1

By Ron Austin

A History Of Sydney's 4th Battalion 1914-1919

Book Cover Description:

Raised in Sydney in August 1914 by two magnificent leaders, Onslow Thompson and Charles MacNaghten. The Fighting Fourth battalion of the first AIF, went on to land at Gallipoli and then participate in the fearsome struggle at Lone Pine in August 1915, during which time over a third of the 4th Battalion died. It was at Gallipoli, that the 4th Battalion firmly established its reputation as a fighting unit under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel MacNaghten, and ably assisted by other Officers including Iven Mackay, 'Cast Iron' Jimmy Heane, Charles Coltman, Edward Lloyd, Alan Scott, the irrepressible chaplain 'Fighting Mac' McKenzie and the famous fast bowler from NSW, Jack Massie. 

From Gallipoli the 4th Battalion went to the dreaded Western Front in April 1916, and fought in famous battles including Pozieres, Monquet Farm, Bullecourt, Ypres, Chuignes, and on to the Outer Hindenburg Line in September 1918, all places where the unit further added to its impressive list of Battle Honours.

Although not winning a single Victoria Cross despite some members being recommended for that award, the 4th Battalion had firmly  established a tradition that was taken up and enhanced by the 2/4th and 4th Battalions AIF during the 1939-45 War.

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