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55th Infantry Battalion Book - Author Tim Cook

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ORDER: 55th Battalion AIF History Book

I was lucky enough to have some questions answered by Author Tim Cook regarding his new book due for release this weekend; and appearing on bookshop shelves Monday. It is called '

Snowy To The Somme' and it is on the 55th Battalion AIF in World War 1 and is the story of their battles on the Western Front. 

Not only is Tim a nice guy for doing this Q&A for Booksforever; he is also contributing to Australia's Military history for which now and future generations will be very happy. 

Unlike writing a novel for which you can alter and add story-lines as you wish; writing non-fiction histories is another challenge indeed. Added to this is the fact there are no surviving World War 1 members left to interview - and it can get very difficult and time consuming indeed. 

Tim mentioned to me that is took around 5-1/2 years from the idea of writing this history to its completion. That is dedication! But considering there is no previously written Unit history on the 55th Battalion AIF; it comes not a moment to soon!

Now this history is available; family members of the Battalion, Unit history book collectors; bookstores, libraries and general Australian Military history enthusiasts can enjoy reading and adding Snowy to the Somme to their collection.

I am sure this book will be a winner. Australia's thirst for past history in the Great War is an ever growing field of interest in the book world. So it is without a doubt by the end of the week many people will be/would have enjoyed this story. I know i will!   

Like all authors who tackle the Australian Unit and Military History subjects; I am so glad to add this title to my bookshelf and online bookstore.

Thanks Tim for giving us one more book on our Australian fighting Units!

See full Q&A


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